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11th Nov 2022

Gordon Ramsay charging £275 a head for Christmas dinner – not including drinks

Charlie Herbert

Gordon Ramsay charging £275 a head for Christmas dinner – not including drinks

A price more than most people would spend on their entire Christmas food shop

Gordon Ramsay is charging £275 a head to dine at one of his London restaurants on Christmas Day – a price that doesn’t even include drinks or the 15 percent service charge.

The Michelin-star chef is advertising the luxury dining experience at Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay.

The meal is a Christmas Day sample menu and features a number of decadent dishes and treats.

We’re talking confit egg and lobster ravioli, followed by your choice of Dover sole or Cumbrian venison, plus Brillat-Savarin, sorbet and hazelnut soufflé.

But if that doesn’t float your boat, then Ramsay has also pulled together an extravagant menu for The Savoy, which houses his popular grill, where the Christmas menu also comes in at £275 per person.

The seven-course menu features a number of options, including lobster and shellfish cocktail, beef Wellington, and Dover sole.

Then for dessert, there’s the classic drink “Kir royale”, plus a choice of Christmas pudding or Chestnut Mont Blanc.

But remember, it’s £275 without the cost of drinks or the 15 percent service charge. You’re going to be paying north of £300 realistically.

Fear not though, there’s a ‘budget’ option! Yes, for the bargain price of £150 per person, you can pop down to the chef’s Mayfair-based bar.

Guests can expect canapés, plus a starter, main and dessert of their choice.

Main course options include roast turkey plus trimmings, roast venison and an artichoke risotto, and like other locations, a discretionary 15 per cent service charge will also be added to the final bill.

Meanwhile, there’s a New Year’s Eve menu if you fancy seeing in 2023 in luxurious style.

The New Year’s Eve menu at his three-Michelin star restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, is the most expensive of the lot, setting you back £400 per person, a price which once again does not include drinks.

The chef has a bit of a reputation for eye-watering prices though. Last year, people were left stunned after finding out that the Scot charges £24.50 for a lone fish at his new restaurant.

In 2020, he was widely mocked for charging £45 for a tiny roast dinner at the Savoy Grill.

And one couple were left with an eye-wateringly expensive bill after making a mistake when reading the menu at one of his restaurants.

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