GMB viewers in stitches over Richard Madeley's 'remarkable twaddle' while interviewing rail striker 1 month ago

GMB viewers in stitches over Richard Madeley's 'remarkable twaddle' while interviewing rail striker

It's the second time Lynch has shut down reporter questions

Good Morning Britain viewers were left confused and cringing after a union boss put Richard Madeley in his place and branded his questions "twaddle."


Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) boss Mick Lynch has been trending on Twitter largely thanks to a series of interviews that talk about everything besides why rail workers are actually striking. While appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Lynch came face to face with Richard Madeley, who is often in the headlines for his rather unique interviewing style.

"You’ve been accused severely over the past few weeks of being a Marxist," questioned Madeley. "It happened again last night, a backbench Tory MP said you are a “Marxist with no interest other than trying to tear down the Government. Now, are you, or are you not a Marxist? Because if you are a Marxist, then you’re into revolution and into bringing down capitalism. So, are you or aren’t you?"


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Co-host Ranvir Singh looked just as bewildered as you no doubt are - and Lynch himself was rather taken back.

He replied: "You do come up with the most remarkable twaddle, I gotta say. Opening an interview with that is nonsense."

"Woah, woah woah... I'm not saying you're a Marxist. I'm saying you've been accused of being a Marxist," Madeley shouted back. "That's not twaddle, it's called reporting."


However Lynch was having none of it and hit back: "I'm not a Marxist, I’m an elected official of the RMT, I’m a working class bloke leading a trade union dispute about jobs, pay and conditions, and service, so it’s got nothing to do with Marxism it’s all about this industrial dispute."


The internet was also not forgiving, with one person jabbing: "Richard Madeley represents the shallow stupidity of much of the current political and cultural debate."

On the more general topic of innately biased interviews, another tweeted: "Dear BBC/Sky/TalkTV/GBeebies/Richard Madeley/etc. PLEASE stop portraying the upcoming rail strikes as "The unions versus ordinary working people." Trade unions are, by definition, ordinary working people."

Poor Lynch was also berated by Sky News' Kay Burley, whose own vague questions confused both the viewers and Lynch himself.


"The more I hear Mick Lynch the more I like him. So far he’s destroyed Kay Burley and Richard Madeley so I can clearly see why Shapps is afraid to talk to him," a new fanboy wrote to Twitter on today's antics.

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