Liverpool fans use speedboat to cross channel for Champions League final 2 months ago

Liverpool fans use speedboat to cross channel for Champions League final

The dedication is incredible

A group of Liverpool supporters used a speedboat to cross the channel ahead of the Champions League Final against Real Madrid in Paris.


The Reds fans hired a boat and made their way over the English Channel to Saint Malo on Friday (May 27). As reported by the Liverpool Echo, the group of 13 decided to go to Paris after Paddy OToole's son, Patrick, discovered that his EasyJet flight to the capital had been cancelled.

After landing in Jersey, Paddy got in touch with a friend of his who owns Le Mourier - an expert swimming tuition company with a fleet of motor vessels.

Following this, they set off from Jersey in a 12-person Redbay Stormforce 950 and headed for Saint-Marlo in France.


A video uploaded on social media shows the group of men on the speedboat, listening to music as they skimmed over the waves.

Paddy told The ECHO: "My lad Patrick’s mates Adam and Tom Dring who are from Huyton, had their EasyJet flight cancelled, so their Dad rushed them down to Heathrow to try a get a flight but there was nothing. They got a flight to Jersey last minute and they met up with us and asked could we get them to France.


"We felt sorry for the young lads so we had to do something."

He added: "We saw a few dolphins on the way and got the train to Rennes and then to Paris. A few more of are mates from Liverpool who live in Jersey heard we were going and joined on. We haven't got a ticket between us."


The group are now in Paris ahead of Saturday's final, with around 60,000 Liverpool fans expected in the French capital for the Reds' Champions League Final clash with Madrid.

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