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24th Apr 2024

Internet left horrified after realising which body part is always removed during an autopsy


A TikToker has left people horrified after revealing which body part is always removed during an autopsy

Autopsy technician Gerald Ledford has opened up about his job, and in doing so has left the internet horrified after

Turns out, a lot of stuff goes on around your body during an autopsy.

Ledford, who has an impressive 1.4 million followers on TikTok, shared the secrets behind autopsies.

In one recent video, the TikToker addressed questions from followers about what happens to piercings during the process.

For the most part, Ledford explained that they get left alone.

However, there was one piercing that always gets removed.

“The only one that I take out is your tongue ring,” he said.

It’s nothing to do with the piercing itself, however, as turns out tongues are always removed during autopsies.

“I remove your tongue during an autopsy – we need to make sure you didn’t bite down on it, make sure you don’t have drugs in the back of your throat,” he explained.

“So if you have a tongue ring, that one comes out, but nipples, nose, ears, eyebrows, private parts…”

@big_led73 Reply to @teenie1228 you get to keep all your piercings except the tongue 👅 I take your tongue out #piercing #piercings #bodyjewelry #autopsy #autopsytech ♬ Something Stupid – Percy Faith & His Orchestra

Ledford’s followers responded to the revelation with shock, and took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: “Hold up wait what? people’s tongues are removed for autopsies? I’m not ok with that.”

Another was asking the important questions: “Okay but how exactly do you take the tongue out? I’m intrigued.”

While a third joked: “All of us freaking out at the thought of our tongues being removed…after we are dead!”

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