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08th Apr 2024

Viewers ‘stressed’ after watching gripping Sheridan Smith series that’s rising up Netflix charts

Simon Kelly

It’s got a very strong 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix has had a strong April so far, adding some incredible new movies and TV shows over the past week, including a very dark and twisty thriller movie.

One of the series that’s currently gripping viewers and holding the second spot on most watched in UK is Cleaning Up.

The thriller series stars Sheridan Smith as single mother Sam, who is struggling massively with debt and addiction and enters the murky world of insider trading after learning some financial secrets from her role as an office cleaner.

As Sam channels her inner Gordon Gekko, the financial burdens she’s suffering from make her go to extreme lengths to save herself from drowning in debt, which of course ramps up the tension as the season progresses.

The tension is too much for some viewers of the 6-part-series, with one saying: “Watched Cleaning Up on Netflix and I’ve never been so stressed for a fictional person in all my life.”

Another commented: “Watching Cleaning Up on Netflix, I’m so stressed it’s making me sick.”

Originally airing on ITV in 2019, Cleaning Up has a very strong 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising Smith’s performance in the lead role in particular, even if the plot starts to lean into silliness as it progresses.

Viewers ‘so stressed’ after watching gripping new series topping Netflix charts

You can have a look at some of the reviews for Cleaning Up below.

The Guardian – “Indispensable to it are the actors, who throw themselves uncynically into it with their whole hearts. This is always Smith’s greatest gift, and here she is surrounded by a supporting cast doing likewise.”

Daily Telegraph – “After this first episode the temptation for another flutter may be hard to resist.”

Sunday Times – “Smith is such a seamless, subtle actor, she absorbed the balder moments of Robin Hood rhetoric: you could see the rebellious schoolgirl still lurking inside her, suspicious of authority, toughened up by disappointment.”

Independent – “You can’t help rooting for them in the absurd scene where Sam balances on a desk to plants a microphone in the ceiling of the insider dealer’s office and cheering as their 50 investment blooms into 500.”

Despite the absurd plot being a sticking point for some critics, it looks like Cleaning Up is the latest series to be enjoying a second wind after being added to Netflix – something the streamer is becoming known for recently.

Other series which have enjoyed a new lease on life after being added to Netflix are the likes of Dexter, which ended in 2013, and Channel 4 show Humans.

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