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13th Nov 2021

BBC presenter’s dog Cabbage has been found along with five others

Danny Jones

BBC presenter's dog Cabbage has been found

Cabbage and the five other dogs were found wandering around Park Royal

The BBC presenter whose 15-year-old rescue dog was reported missing, along with five other pets on Friday morning, has now been found.

Rory Cellan-Jones, who formerly worked as the BBC’s technology correspondent, posted a series of urgent tweets informing his followers and London locals that his beloved border collie Cabbage had gone missing, along with five others on Friday afternoon.

As reported in multiple outlets, Cabbage and poor pups disappeared after a local dog walker’s van was stolen from near East Acton tube station.

The Telegraph understands that dog-walker had pulled up to his sister-in-law’s house to see if she would assist him with walking the dogs, but after leaving the engine running, the thieves snatched the van and drove off with the dogs in the back and one on the passenger seat.

Nevertheless, after a tireless search by a united group of owners, help from social media and the local community, the van was found abandoned and four of the dogs were recovered from the residential street of Huxley Gardens in Park Royal.

However, even after Cellan-Jones posted this picture of Cabbage safe and sound, one pup still remained missing: Bafi, or ‘Buffy’ the Cockerpoo.

While the majority of the dog-walkers pack had been found, it was several hours before the confirmation came that Buffy had finally been located around the area of Putney. The 63-year-old celebrated with equal joy:

He later went on to reassure his followers and concerned pet owners that “all six missing dogs [had] now been found – five in Park Royal, the final one Buffy in Putney”, adding: “We – and Cabbage- would just like to thank you all for your kind messages and support today”.

Welcome home, Cabbage the border collie, Bouka the German shepherd, Bafi the cockapoo, a light brown Labrador named Sam and the two beagle brothers and Bbua.

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