As Afghans flee for their lives, Taliban seen enjoying bumper cars at amusement park 11 months ago

As Afghans flee for their lives, Taliban seen enjoying bumper cars at amusement park

The Taliban have also been pictured trying out gym equipment at the presidential palace

As horrifying scenes of desperate Afghans clinging to planes and risking their lives to flee their homeland emerged on Monday, videos of a very different kind also started appearing on social media.


That of the Taliban, seemingly enjoying themselves in the aftermath of taking back control of Afghanistan, as if it was just any other day. It's a surreal picture under the new regime so far.

In one video, numerous Taliban fighters are seen on a children's merry-go-round. Sitting on the miniature horses, the group enjoys the ride before letting other group members have a go. "I don't (know) whether to laugh or cry," says one confused Twitter user.

In another video, which currently has thousands of likes and shares, the Taliban are seen to be testing out their newly acquired gym equipment from the Presidential Palace. President Ashraf Ghani fled the capital as Kabul was flooded with insurgents, leaving the palace and its gym free for taking.


The Taliban have even been pictured trying out bumper cars. The images of the insurgents enjoying activities usually crowded with Afghan citizens is undeniably difficult to watch. It's the outright flippant way in which they are conducting themselves just a day or so into their rule that is truly galling.


While there is nothing sinister in the Taliban having fun at an amusement park, concerns have been raised that the footage is being used to humanise the military group.

There are also concerns about what else the group are set to inherit from the cities defences - such as weapons, aircraft and vehicles supplied by the US.


Not only did the West remove themselves from the conflict, but their funding has supplied the Taliban regime with an incredible array of military equipment.

Large parts of the west are pointing the finger at the Afghan army they pumped money into, claiming that their lack of willpower and drive ultimately handed over the nation to the Taliban.  “Money can’t buy will. You cannot purchase leadership,” John Kirby - chief spokesman for the US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin - said on Monday.


With Kabul now a ghost town, a large portion of its people having fled or hiding, the Taliban are not only free to enforce their ideals, but also enjoy their success. With America choosing to wash its hands of the situation, and the UK's parliament not meeting until tomorrow, the bleak future of the Afghan people is increasingly uncertain.

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