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06th Dec 2021

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ stepmum ‘spiked with salt in prison’

Danny Jones

Boris backs 'Arthur's law'

Emma Tustin was sentenced to a minimum of 29 years in prison on Friday

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ stepmum, Emma Tustin, has reportedly been spiked with salt in prison following her and father Thomas Hughes’ cruel torture and killing of the six-year-old child.

As per multiple outlets, the 32-year-old has apparently been targeted by fellow inmates who looked to seek revenge for the brutal crime by lacing her meals with salt – the same abhorrent treatment she inflicted on her stepson Arthur, with both parents having been found to have starved, poisoned and beaten the child.

Tustin’s fellow inmates at Eastwood Park Prison, Gloucestershire, are said to have started poisoning her meals after learning of her crimes, having previously claimed she was jailed because his father “neglected” him.

Former cellmate Elaine Pritchard said she confronted her after discovering the true details, going on to fight with her and calling for the guards to stop her from going further.

She went on to tell The Sunday Mirror that Tustin had never even mentioned Arthur and that the only time she ever saw her upset was when she attended her plea hearing and partner Tom never looked at her.

When asked about her thoughts on the sentencing, she went on to add that “some of the things we did were cruel – but she was crueller to Arthur so she deserved it.”

A national review is now being launched into the UK’s safeguarding standards as the investigation into how this crime could have been allowed to happen continues.  Social workers had been called to the house just two months before Arthur’s tragic death on June 16 2020 but concluded there were “no safeguarding concerns”.

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