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21st Nov 2021

Armoured truck spills money across motorway as drivers go wild in cash grab

Danny Jones

Armoured truck spills cash all over San Diego highway

Lucky sods

Dozens of people in San Diego, California have helped themselves to handfuls of free money after an armoured truck carrying heaps of notes dropped a bag of cash onto a busy highway.

Fitness influencer and one of many lucky buggers to be in the right place at the right time, Demi Bagby (the surname being very fitting in this situation), shared footage of the mass cash-grab to her Instagram.

You can see the whole road come to a standstill as people leave their vehicles to swipe up as much precious paper as they can:

According to ABC10 News San Diego, the armoured truck was spotted heading towards the Federal Reserve from a local bank around 9am on Friday and is thought to have dropped two bags of money after a door popped open.

Naturally, as the cash scattered across virtually every lane of the highway, cars came to a screeching halt and caused a massive backup on the route while the drivers made the most of the good fortune. The truck driver himself was thought to have tried to recover as much cash as he could but it was simply impossible amidst the scramble.

Two people are believed to have been arrested for picking up the cash and were then unfortunate enough to lock their car doors and be picked up by police later. California Highway Patrol said people could be prosecuted for taking the cash and not returning it.

Anyone who took money from the scene is urged to return it within 48 hours or call 858-637-3800 to return it if they want to avoid potential criminal charges. The FBI is also thought to be investigating the incident.

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