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09th Nov 2023

Amanda Holden reveals she’s given husband ‘pink pass’ for Rachel Riley

Nina McLaughlin

Amanda Holden has revealed that she has given her husband a ‘pink pass’ to date another celebrity if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Now, it is not uncommon for people to give their partners a free pass for their dream hook up.

However, for most of us, these dreams are rather unlikely as we don’t run into celebs on the regular.

For Britain’s Got Talent star Holden’s husband, though, the likelihood of her running into his dream hook up is higher than ours.

In a recent interview with Joe Wilkinson and Jamie Theakston, Holden revealed that her husband’s ‘pink pass’ is for none other than Countdown presenter Rachel Riley.

Per LADbible, Holden revealed that her husband Chris Hughes has ‘got a real thing for Rachel Riley’.

She revealed that she would ‘allow him to take her out’, but only ‘for a coffee’.

Wilkinson pressed Holden on what exactly she meant by this, but she left him hanging and told him to ‘work out the maths’ himself.

Despite this, it seems unlikely that Holden’s husband’s dreams will come to fruition.

This is because Riley has a husband of her own – former Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev. The pair started dating shortly after her stint on the show in 2013, and got married in 2019.