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03rd May 2017

Aldi are launching alcoholic ice lollies this summer and we want them immediately

Summer, sorted

Rich Cooper

If the sun decides to get its act together, this might actually turn into a decent summer.

We brought you the news that Argos have slashed the price of one of their hot tubs, meaning that for *not too much* money, you could have your very own four-person tub in your back garden, living the life of decadence for less than £300.

That’s a fair bit of whack though, so maybe this intriguing development from Aldi is more your flavour: alcoholic popsicles.

Fans of Black Books may recall this scene with Bernard’s famous wine lolly:

Well thanks to Aldi, you can make this fantasy (or a fantasy reasonably close to it) a reality.

They’re launching two flavours of alcoholic popsicle: Gin & Tonic and Prosecco & Peach Bellini. If that isn’t the taste of summer, we don’t know what is.

The lollies have an ABV of 4.5%, which is more than enough to have a good time with. A pack of four lollies will cost £2.99, which is extremely reasonable when you consider that you could be getting a buzz on via an ice-cold treat.

Mind you, a pint of cold lager could cost you almost the same, but summer demands a pinch of novelty, doesn’t it?