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02nd Apr 2024

Beloved alcopop Reef returns to shelves after two decades away

Nina McLaughlin

It’s come back with a bang

The 90s were simpler times… When you could still smoke inside pubs, when the Spice Girls were constantly on the radio, and you could still buy Reef everywhere.

Well, it seems those good times might be back upon us, kind of, as Reef has made its return to our shelves.

The 90s were the heyday for alcopops, with drinks like Hooch, WKD and Barcadi Breezers all proving popular.

Although these all still exist and are able to buy in shops, one of the most beloved beverages of the time, Reef, was discontinued in the early 2000s.

However, it seems that the passionfruit and orange vodka blend has made its return.

Shoppers noticed the drink on shelves in none other than B&M in recent weeks, with the drink also being available to buy online from GoodTimeIn.

Brand manager of Reef, Jacob Barrett, told Metro of the beverage’s return: “We’re very much experiencing a return to the ’90s as a culture, from bucket hats to S Club 7, and Reef feels like the perfect taste to transport people back.

“You might have rent to pay, a job to go to, children to look after, but you also have the memories of a life before all that. We want to help people relive that period and remember those days with a simple sip. Times may have changed, but Reef hasn’t.

“Reef is back on shelves, ready to transport the UK back to a time when life was simpler, with its nostalgic taste and still chill vibes.

“It’s time to take a trip down memory lane for some alcoholic adult juice that’s reminiscent of ’90s house parties and dancing till the early hours of the morning to Born Slippy.”

Fans of Reef have flocked to social media to rejoice the return of their favourite tipple.

One person put: “This my favourite drink I’m so happy.”

“Red reef. I used to start off an evening with one orange reef, one red reef and a pint glass. Mixed together was very nice,” another person wrote.

A third penned: “Oh I used to love this! I’d get a shot of vodka in it too… Used to get you smashed.”

“I used to love Reef back in the day,” a fourth added.

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