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29th Jun 2022

The UK is such dire straits, No 10 says assessing impact of Brexit is ‘too challenging’

Ava Evans

What are those Brexit benefits, Minister?

Downing Street has said it is currently too challenging to carry out an assessment of the economic impact of Brexit on the United Kingdom.

A spokesperson for Number 10 said: “It’s obvious that since we’ve left the European Union we’ve had a pandemic and there’s been the war in Europe, so assessing the impact as of now isn’t something that would be straightforward to do.”

They declined to say answer whether the assessment had actually been completed, but had been subsequently disputed by Government.

“It’s obviously too early to assess the long-term benefits of Brexit given that we only left a few years ago, and between then and now we’ve had the pandemic and the war in Ukraine,” they added.

Pushed on whether the overall economic affect had been positive, they said the PM maintains there are “massive benefits” of leaving the EU.

On Wednesday, a new survey from pollster group YouGov found 54 per cent of people believe Britain’s exit from the EU is going badly.

According to the poll, only 16 per cent of the British public still believe Brexit is going well.

Last month, former Bank of England policy maker, Adam Posen, said around 80% of Britain’s current inflation problem stems from Brexit.

Speaking at a conference hosted by the U.K. in a Changing Europe research group he said: “It really seems like Brexit has to bear a disproportionate role in explaining the inflation.”

While economists are unable to offer tangible upsides of leaving the EU, the Minister for Brexit Opportunities Jacob Rees Mogg believes opportunities are still abound.

During an interview with LBC he said Brits could look forward to a 2% discount on fish fingers, and cheaper cheese later this year.

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