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28th Apr 2018

Kanye West has released a new song and it’s “poop”

Will Lavin

Make America great again?

Perhaps Kanye West should think about making his music great again if his new song is anything to go by.

Last night releasing his first new song since 2016, “Lift Yourself” is either Kanye West trolling the internet hard, or he’s lost the plot completely – it’s really that hard to tell.

Announced earlier on Friday in a tweet (of course), the track starts off with a chorus of women singing “Lift yourself back on your feet, let’s get it on” over a pretty dope beat. But then things get weird.

Kanye goes on to rap:

“Scoop ditty poop, poop ditty scoop poop…Woop ditty scoop poop, poop, poop.”

WTF Kanye!? Like, seriously. What in the actual fuck?

Patience is definitely a virtue but how much longer can we keep holding out for the “old Kanye”? Or has that ship well and truly sailed? Has he succumb to the Kardashian curse everyone speaks of, and the dumbing down of his music is an unwarranted symptom of this “sunken place”?

To listen to the song you need to head on over to and click the embedded mp3 file on the homepage.

Kanye West is due to release a new solo album June 1st, as well as a collaborative album with KiD CuDi. He will also be producing projects for Pusha T, Teyana Taylor and Nas.