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12th Oct 2023

Woman moves across country and works a week at new job before being told she hadn’t been hired

Callum Boyle

new job

She moved a 13-hour car journey away

A woman who moved across the country 800 miles and a 13 hour car ride from her hometown started working in a new job before being informed that she had never been hired.

TikToker Camryn Spina revealed all in a lengthy nine-minute video as she explained the story behind what happened when she left Florida for Virginia.

Spina had applied for the positing of cheerleading coach at a college and after two separate successful interviews, she was told by her new boss that they wanted to hire her.

Excited by her new adventure, Camryn packed her bags and made the long trip. By July, she was told by her new boss that August 1 would be her start date, but she still needed to submit her details to the college’s human resources via the website as ‘merely a formality’, as per an email seen by Insider.

She then kept in regular contact with her boss, who even put her up in a hotel while she searched for a more long-term form of accommodation and had terminated her lease in Florida as a result of getting her new job.

After starting her job on August 1, Spina worked for the first week before receiving an email from HR, telling her that her application was still under review – despite being told she had got the job.

The head coach then asked if anything would come up on a background check only to receive another message from HR in which they told her they had “decided to move forward with other applicants for this job”.

Camryn then went on to ring them as her worst fears were realised when they said there was no official record of her on her system.

Speaking to Insider, she said: “It was initially a panic situation, mostly because of all the money I had spent.

“That’s a lot of money to lose in a couple of days without a guarantee of getting a paycheck to reimburse that.”

She had spent over $3,000 on the relocation.

Explaining further in the TikTok video, she added: “I write this long email to HR. Like, I understand that something happened that this didn’t go about the right way and I am not hired and that’s… whatever. [But] I need to be reimbursed.”

She also threatened legal action against the college before she was eventually compensated.

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