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14th May 2024

An incredible new sci-fi thriller movie is now available to stream at home

Stephen Porzio

It’s one of the most inventive sci-fi films we’ve seen in a long time.

Monolith, an incredible new sci-fi thriller movie, is now available to stream via Sky Cinema and NOW Cinema.

Coming from Australia, the film features rising star Lily Sullivan (Evil Dead Rise) in the lead role as a disgraced journalist.

Desperate to salvage her career, the journalist launches a podcast about unsolved mysteries while laying low in her parents’ large home while they are away.

Soon enough, a story begins to build around reports she receives from people about a strange black brick.

As the journalist investigates further, sinister events start to occur.

The feature debut of director Matt Vesely and writer Lucy Campbell, the pair somehow manage to make a movie consisting mostly of someone conducting interviews over the phone nerve-bitingly tense.

This is down to the film’s creepy story, haunting visuals and Sullivan’s excellent central performance as the increasingly frazzled unnamed journalist.

Holding an 84% Rotten Tomatoes score, here is a sample of some of the positive reviews Monolith has received:

Bloody Disgusting: “Monolith is a low-fi thriller that needles its way under the skin and will likely have viewers interrogating the dark secrets in their own lives.”

The Guardian: “Matt Vesely’s impressive debut ably stakes out its own territory, not least in the vast distances covered by a single on-screen actor and a handful of vocal performances.” “In the end, the goal was clearly to trap us in the increasingly fractured mind of a single person who increasingly believes what is beyond believable. Mission accomplished.”

Time Out: “Making the most of the palatial but spookily claustrophobic setting … Vesely and Campbell take us on a spine-chilling ride that, even if it winds up in fairly familiar territory, is never less than gripping thanks to a bravura performance by Sullivan.”

Monolith is now available to stream in the UK and Ireland via Sky Cinema and NOW Cinema.

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