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01st Oct 2023

Robert Irwin and girlfriend Rorie Buckey look smitten on holiday

Callum Boyle

Robert Irwin

Irwin became official with Buckey in August

Robert Irwin’s girlfriend, Rorie Buckey, has posted a series of photos from the couple’s romantic holiday.

Steve Irwin’s son Robert and Heath Ledger’s niece Rorie Buckey confirmed they were dating back in August and have recently taken a trip to Tasmania for a well-deserved holiday.

Posting to Instagram, Buckey captioned the post: “Tasmania!” alongside a series of photos with her and Robert posing by cherry blossom trees in a park.

They could both be seen smiling and underneath the post, Robert commented: “Amazing trip!”

The 19-year-old’s mother, Terri, also commented: “Such a beautiful couple in my favourite place on Earth!”

When the two announced they were official it seemed that along with the well wishes though, it seemed that many were left broken hearted that Robert was now in a relationship. 

“Siri, play That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber,” one joked.

“Gday Rob, the niece is crying thanks mate—anyway, cob ooroo,” another user wrote.

And someone else said the 19-year-old’s hard-launch of his relationship with Rorie was “a weird way to propose to me.”

It’s safe to say though that everyone (even the slightly heartbroken ones) can’t help but feel a lot of happiness and joy for the Aussie teens.

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