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09th Sep 2022

Aussies call for Steve Irwin’s face to be put on money instead of King Charles III

Charlie Herbert

Aussies call for Steve Irwin's face to be put on money instead of King Charles III

The British monarch features on Australian $5 notes

Aussies have been suggesting that Steve Irwin should feature on their banknotes instead of King Charles III following the Queen’s passing.

Just like in several Commonwealth countries, the British monarch is the head of state in Australia and appears on currency.

With the ascension of Charles to the throne, banknotes and coins will eventually be introduced bearing the king’s face.

But some Australians have suggested now would be the perfect time to replace the monarch with a national hero – Steve Irwin.

One Twitter user said: “Can we get a petition to get Steve Irwin’s face on money in place of the queen going? It’s what we all want.”

One woman tweeted: “Time to replace Queen Elizabeth’s face on cash with Steve Irwin or Heath Ledger, I reckon.”

Another joked that the value of a $5 note would “explode” if the famous crocodile hunter was put on the currency.

Steve Irwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter, died in September 2006 after being struck in the chest by a stingray barb.

Other suggestions for things that could replace King Charles III on Australian currency included Australian sitcom characters Kath & Kim, Neighbours soap opera character Alf Stewart, a pavlova or Kylie Minogue.

Unfortunately for these people, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has confirmed King Charles III is expected to feature on a new $5 note.

“The reigning monarch has traditionally appeared on the lowest denomination of Australian banknote,” the RBA said.

The $5 banknotes featuring Queen Elizabeth II will also remain in circulation and will not be withdrawn.

The central bank, which manages the Australian currency and monetary policy said there would be further updates on currency changes to come.

The Australian coins of the future are likely to feature the head of King Charles III facing the opposite way to his late mother’s.

There will be some very real changes to banknotes and coins in the UK as well following the Queen’s death.

Along with the currency, other changes to everyday life will include alterations to stamps, passports and the lyrics to the national anthem.

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