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13th Jul 2023

Delivery driver rages after customer leaves 10 per cent tip on £90 food order

Steve Hopkins

‘$10 on a $100 order? That’s f*****’

A man who ordered food to be delivered to his home ended up in a heated exchange with his rider who was disappointed with his tip.

The unnamed man explained in a Reddit post that he ordered a meal from a high-end restaurant to be delivered to his home via DoorDash, and opted to tip on exchange.

The restaurant, the man explained, was about 1.5 miles away, “which is about a 10-minute drive if you hit all the reds”.

He said the order, for him and his wife, consisted of two entrees and an appetiser, but cost, including taxes and fees, $115 (about £90).

“I chose the option for a handoff, left no tip, opting instead to write in the note section, ‘Cash tip upon handoff’,” the man wrote.

“Though I don’t use DoorDash often at all, I figured it’d be a good way to assure that the meal was delivered straight to me, being that it was from a higher-end restaurant.”

The man topped the rider $10, (about £7), and he got a lot of grief for it, writing that he didn’t expect him to be “so rude.”

“He looked at the $10 bill and scoffed. I asked if there was a problem,” the man added. “He said something to the effect of, ‘$10 on a $100 order? That’s f***ed.’

The man said he got “defensive”, and tried to explain they he didn’t think the tip needed to be significant given the restaurant was so close to his house.

“I said something to the effect of, ‘With all due respect, you delivered this one bag from a restaurant that’s a 10-minute drive from here. You didn’t wait on me. If I had ordered from McDonalds, the drive would have been much longer because it’s further away from here and you still would have only picked up the one bag’.”

The man got on with his evening but was clearly unsettled by the exchange, so crowdsourced some reaction on Reddit.

He went on to explain in his post that he didn’t think he was “off in my tipping” and had he been in a restaurant he would have tipped at least 20 per cent.

The situation was different, the man suggested, and added that the exchange had put him off ordering food to be delivered.

One commenter agreed, saying $10 for a 1.5m trip is a “decent tip” and “I’d take that run all day every day. Your driver was rude.”

A second added: “$10 is absolutely good. A regular, decent dasher will try to do $1-$2 per mile/trip length. So $1 for a minute of driving to you (50 cents for minute there and back) is very generous. Dasher was a jerk.”

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