YouTuber 'set to make $64k a month' from dragging Amber Heard during Depp trial 1 month ago

YouTuber 'set to make $64k a month' from dragging Amber Heard during Depp trial

He has been labelled a 'malicious individual'

A YouTuber has been criticised for making tens of thousands of dollars from videos attacking Amber Heard during her defamation trial with Johnny Depp.


Martin Lewis, who goes by That Umbrella Guy online, has risen to fame with his no-holds-barred approach to the celebrity world, helping him garner some 375,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Some of his biggest videos from the Depp-Heard trial include 'Jury wrecks Amber Heard,' 'Amber Heard wrecks herself?' and 'Amber Heard fails worldwide.'

His Heard-focused videos have racked up millions of views, and a fair amount of money as well apparently.


According to Newsweek, Lewis has made around $64,000 (£52,100) a month from his videos attacking Heard.

In response to this claim, That Umbrella Guy tweeted:  "LOL, I could probably buy Amber Heard and her simps a dozen times over these days. And I wouldn't have to "pledge" to do it."


This led Bot Sentinel CEO Christopher Bouzy to criticise the YouTuber, accusing him of having "a financial incentive to keep the Depp v. Heard drama going as long as possible."

He went on to suggest that YouTube was incentivising a "malicious individual" to publish content that breaks its own policies on content.


Eve Barlow, a friend of Heard's who has openly backed the actress throughout the trial, tweeted her agreement with Bouzy, and claimed the "so-called YouTube journo" was "obsessively posting videos about Amber, her family and friends, including me."

Heard has recently spoken about how she felt the social media treatment she received throughout the trial was unfair compared to the coverage Depp got.

In an interview with the Today Show, she said Depp's fans had made her feel "less than human."


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