Woman praised for sharing brutally honest reasons why she never wants kids 1 month ago

Woman praised for sharing brutally honest reasons why she never wants kids

She makes a compelling argument, tbf

For many people, having children brings them joy and a sense of purpose in life.


For others, the mere notion of having to try and raise someone literally incapable of looking after themselves for the first 1o (or sometimes 20+) years of their life while barely keeping their own in order is one they will simply never entertain.

Now, a lady called Maria on TikTok has detailed every single reason she won't be having any kids of her own - and a lot of people have had to hold their hands up and agree with her...

@m.a.r.i.aaaaaaaa I like kids, I just don’t want my own #childfree #aunty #nokidsforme ♬ Elevator Music - Bohoman

Speaking in what is both an extremely humorous and candid three-minute monologue, Maria begins by stating, rather obviously, that she simply doesn't want to have any offspring, before launching into some very reasonable arguments as to why.

Addressing everything from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, to the slightly more speculative albeit perfectly plausible possibility of an apocalypse or her kids simply just not liking her - and vice versa - the vast majority of commenters seemed to agree with her.

While she approaches most of this video in a fairly comedic tone, she does actually address some genuine issues surrounding societal norms, ie having a kid to "get it over and done with" because it's the done thing and the sheer financial undertaking of starting and maintaining a family.


She goes even further to posit the anthropological theory that "it takes a village to raise a child": a notion based on the idea that our early tribal communities used to be much smaller (around 20-30 people) and child-rearing was shared between everyone.

She concludes by pointing out that you simply don't have the freedom to get up and do whatever you like when you have kids - perhaps the strongest argument the non-paternal party has. Well played.

We think we have to give her this one: she's clearly thought it through and having children isn't for everyone - she just happens to be one of those people.

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