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06th Nov 2023

Woman causes outrage over savage one liner she uses when men want to split bill on a date

Charlie Herbert

Woman causes outrage over savage one liner she uses when men want to split bill on a date

She wants to make it clear to her date where she stands

A woman has ruffled feathers after she revealed the ‘sneaky’ response she uses when men ask to split the bill with her on dates.

Pearl, from Los Angeles, believes that a man’s natural role is as a ‘provider’ and that they should always pay on the first date.

She has revealed the one line she uses every time a man suggests splitting the bill, and she claims that it works every time.

The singer explained in a post on Instagram: “When a man wants to go 50/50 with you on a date, say: ‘Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed right now.

“Wait, you wanted to just be friends? I’m so confused – this whole entire time I thought this was a date. I’m so sorry – here’s my card.”

Pearl’s logic is that she doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with a man who isn’t going to fulfil his role as a ‘provider’, so she’d rather use this line to make things clear.

The technique prompted plenty of debate, with plenty of people – both men and women – agreeing with her logic.

One person wrote: “I mean I don’t blame her, she paid for her food but made a clear boundary for the dude to not expect things to go anywhere.”

Another said: “The next move is that [Pearl] pays her half and never sees him again. She’s not looking for a 50/50 relationship and that’s fine. She’s sending a message loud and clear.”

But lots of people didn’t agree with the sentiment behind the line, and accused Pearl of being “manipulative.”

One person wrote: “If a girl ever pulled this on me I’d split the bill and never see her again. None of that toxic s**t I want bringing into a relationship.”

Someone else commented: “I get to skip the manipulative chick AND her bill? Sign me up.”

And a third said: “I have a genuine questions for ladies: why are a lot of you so opposed to paying for your own food and things you consumed on dates? Especially first dates?”

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