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26th Oct 2023

Woman sparks debate by saying men should spend more than £150 for her ‘presence’ on first date

Charlie Herbert

‘A minimum of $200 – and that’s being nice’

A woman has said a man should spend at least $200 (£150) on her on the first date – for her presence.

Dating etiquette can be a bit of a minefield, and one of the biggest sources of debate is who should pay for the night.

Not for this woman it would seem though.

In a video shared on TikTok by The Desirable Truth, the woman and her mate were asked: “What’s the most a man should spend on the first date?”

And she had no doubt where she stood on this one, instead saying what the “minimum” a man should spend on her is.

She said: “I feel like if I’m going to get ready and I’m going to use all my products to come out with you, I need like a minimum of $200. A minimum, and that’s being nice.”

Even her mate seemed to be stunned by what she’d just said.

When the interviewer asked what her date would be getting in return for his financial outlay, she responded: “My presence.”

She continued: “I’m here to get to know you, you invited me out.”

When she was challenged on why the man should have to “drop $200 just because you had to do your makeup”, the woman argued that the cost of the cosmetics she’d use to get ready would already mean whoever she was seeing had to make it up to her.

She said that her her moisturiser costs $400, her eye cream is $300, and her serum is another $300.  

Needless to say, the clip caused quite the stir in the comments.

A few people pointed out the reaction of her friend, with one person writing: “Her friend knows she crazy.”

Another said: “Homegirl’s face when she said 200 *laughing emoji*”

Meanwhile, one person wrote: “He’s dating you, not the product you use.”

Another commented: “Me and my wife’s first date was at chipotle & we are nine years strong.”

A third pointed out that she’d probably be using the same cosmetic products for a night out with her friends but would be unlikely to ask them to pay for everything.

But the woman did have some allies in the comments, with one person writing: “Keep up the standards, the right one will come.”

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