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24th Oct 2022

Vegan ‘almost in tears’ after eating Burger King nugget made of chicken

Charlie Herbert

Vegan almost in tears after eating Burger King nugget made of chicken

She says health issues mean she doesn’t ‘want to be putting meat in my body’

A vegan was left “almost in tears” after biting into a Burger King nugget which was made out of chicken.

Lianna Hutchins, from Bournemouth, took a bite out of what she thought was a plant-based nugget, but was left horrified when she realised it was actually chicken.

She says she felt “sick” when she realised it was not vegan, as the smell and texture were different from what she expected.

The incident, which occurred on October 14, saw Hutchins contact the Castle Lane East restaurant, but she claimed the manager was “dismissive.”

Hutchins had bought the nuggets as part of a family meal, but said it had been “ruined” because she had to leave the room and go upstairs to talk to the head office on the phone, instead of spending time with her family.

In the end, she received a £5 refund covering the cost of the chicken nuggets, but not the rest of the items which she said couldn’t eat as she felt sick.

“When I ate it and realised, it made me feel sick. I was nearly in tears. I have health issues as well, so I don’t want to be putting meat in my body,” she told the Bournemouth Echo.

“I chewed on the nugget and I thought to myself this doesn’t taste vegan.”

She said despite getting a partial refund, the Burger King branch did not take the incident seriously.

She also claimed a similar incident happened to her mum and dad in the 90s and they received compensation for it.

A spokesperson for Burger King said the company apologises for the incident and the impact it has had on the customer.

They added that the company will make sure all necessary measures and staff training are put in place.

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