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16th Oct 2022

Vegan protesters pour milk onto shop floor in the name of activism

Tobi Akingbade

Think they got their message across?

Vegan protesters poured milk all over a shop floor in Edinburgh in a call for a plant-based future.

The Animal Rebellion campaigners targeted Waitrose in Morningside on Saturday (October 15), taking milk from the shelves and pouring it away. As she emptied a bottle of semi-skimmed, one protester said the dairy industry is “responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than oil giants”.

She said: “The top four dairy companies are responsible for the majority of methane emissions. Milk is not suitable for human consumption. When baby calves are taken from their mothers, when mothers are forcibly impregnated…”

When a member of staff tried to intervene, the woman said it was a non-violent protest. A second protester said: “We’ve tried other democratic means, they don’t work.”

The video of the incident was posted on Twitter where it has more than six million views. Reacting to the stunt, Edinburgh Labour councillor Scott Arthur wrote: “There’s a serious debate to be had about the environmental impact of the food we eat, but this isn’t it. Well done to the staff that were left to clean up this mess.”

Last month,Animal Rebellion appeared at numerous supermarkets last week for their “anti-dairy” protest armed with signs reading ‘Plant-Based Future’ and ‘Rewild our Land’, and attempted to stop shoppers from purchasing milk.

The group of vegan activists targeted supermarkets in four UK cities and blocked customers’ access to cow’s milk in the dairy aisles in what was the start of a series of protest actions that continue today.

The group apologised for “any stress this may cause during a cost of living crisis, but the government are sleepwalking every single one of us into poverty, misery, and climate and ecological collapse”.

“We cannot sit by and let this happen.”

Animal Rebellion are well known for promoting a plant-based lifestyle and using extreme measures to get their message across.

In July, members emptied full bottles of milk all over the floor at the Harrods Food Hall in London as part of the ‘anti-dairy’ protest.

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