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05th Jan 2022

Alison Hammond’s reaction to trying vegan nuggets has Dermot O’Leary in stitches

Charlie Herbert

‘I’m gonna turn into a vegan!’

Dermot O’ Leary couldn’t contain his laughter on This Morning as he watched co-host Alison Hammond react to trying a vegan chicken nugget for the first time.

On Wednesday’s edition of the daytime show, the pair were trying the new Burger King vegan nuggets which launched this week – and Hammond couldn’t believe how good they tasted.

She exclaimed: “This is lovely, like a chicken nugget!

“That tastes like chicken, that’s amazing!

“I can’t tell the difference. It’s fantastic, it’s absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe that.”

She went on to say: “You know what, I’m gonna turn into a vegan.”

Whilst O’Leary also enjoyed the vegan nuggets, he was just as astonished by “how flabbergasted” his co-host was.

Hammond finished by imploring those watching to try the nuggets, with O’Leary commenting that he had never seen Hammond “this passionate.”

She finished with the pertinent question: “What’s the point in eating chicken when you can eat those [the vegan nuggets]?”

You can watch the brilliant exchange below.

People loved the clip, with one person commenting: “I absolutely love Alison, she just makes me cry laughing.”

Others mused on the vegan nuggets themselves. One commented: “If they taste the same surely everyone would want to choose the cruelty /slaughter free option ? Get behind the cruelty free food!”

Another spoke about their love for a vegan nugget, writing: “Absolutely love Quorn nuggets. Taste far better. Kids love them too which is amazing considering they seem to think they are allergic to being within 100 yards of any form of vegetable.”

A third said: “We only eat Quorn chicken nuggets now, honestly the children love them.”

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