Teen gets USB cable stuck in penis during experiment 'to work out how big' it is 4 months ago

Teen gets USB cable stuck in penis during experiment 'to work out how big' it is

Doctors had to cut open a muscle between the teen's genitals and anus to cut the knot out of the cable

A 15-year-old boy who inserted a knotted USB cable into his penis to "measure the length" had to undergo surgery to remove it.


The unidentified teenager's experiment went wrong when the cable got stuck, with both ends of the USB left hanging out of his penis, the journal Urology Case Reports details.

The boy, from London, made several attempts to remove the cable himself but this resulted in him urinating a large amount of blood. This prompted his family to rush him to A&E.

Doctors also failed to remove the cable using specialist tools, so the boy had to be transferred to University College Hospital London to undergo surgery.


The report noted that the embarrassed teen asked to be examined without his mother present, and confessed to staff that he inserted the cable to measure his penis.

After an X-ray determined the exact position and size of the cable, surgeons cut lengthways into the boy's bulbospongiosus muscle - an area between the genitals and the anus - and cut the knotted section of the cable.

The remaining sections of cable were then pulled out through the opening of the boy's penis and he was discharged from hospital that very day.

Although stating that cases like these are rare, the doctors said in the report that previous cases had shown a wide variety of objects had been inserted into the opening of penises.


Clio Kennedy and fellow medics who treated the boy listed needles, pins, iron wires, and pistachio shells, as examples.

The teen's case was highlighted in the same journal as the story of a 45-year-old American man whose partner accidentally sprayed expanding foam up his urethra in a sex act gone wrong.

The couple had been inserting various objects into the opening of the man's penis during sex in a misguided attempt to treat his erectile dysfunction.

The accident that saw him hospitalised happened after the man's partner tried to use the straw of a can of weatherproofing spray to keep him erect and accidentally hit the button on top of the can, sending foam shooting inside his penis.


When the foam hardened the man was left with several masses inside his penis and bladder. A CT scan later revealed some of them were up to 11cm long and 4.3cm wide.

The objects were removed following surgery.

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