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02nd Sep 2022

Naked Attraction’s Anna Richardson taken aback by ‘biggest penis ever’

Steve Hopkins

Anna couldn’t help but quiz the contestant about his appendage

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson was stunned when the show made its big return this week.

The host of the Channel 4 show’s jaw dropped after seeing the “biggest penis” she’s ever seen as 36-year-old Rara from Herefordshire took the stage in her hunt for Mr Right.

The fetish model insisted on Thursday night’s episode that she no longer wanted to be someone else’s fantasy and was on the hunt for her Mr Right.

But she appeared to get more than she bargained for when Ozzy turned up.

Taking in the contestant’s goods, Rara was dumbfounded by her potential date’s “third leg”, saying: “I think that’s too big. I’m very small down there.”

Richardson then quizzed the South London-based taxi driver if his member was real before asking if it was a shower rather than a grower.

Ozzy simply gave a thumbs up reaction.

Later in the show, Rara admitted she wouldn’t be able to handle Ozzy and sent him home.

“It’s his penis – it’s huge,” she explained.

Ozzy said he wasn’t surprised as he’s had penis problems before, with women being put off in the past.

Naturally, the situation lit up Twitter.

One user wrote: “It’s a one horse race …. literally #nakedattraction.”

Another said: “I thought #nakedattraction was a dating show for human beings, not horses.”

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