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16th Apr 2024

Naked Attraction host left speechless after seeing contestant with ‘world’s biggest penis’


Anna Richardson couldn’t believe her eyes

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson was left speechless after a contestant with the ‘world’s biggest penis’ appeared on the show.

For those unfamiliar with the Channel 4 programme, people slowly reveal themselves – one segment at a time – from bottom to top, all in the name of love.

This means that the hopeful onlooker – who is fully clothed – can judge the options based on their physical qualities.

In an episode from last year, host Anna was joined by single woman and cancer survivor Adele for this episode where she revealed that she was looking for Mr Right after falling into a habit of dating ‘bad boys’.

As Adele was shown the options on offer, one contestant stood out in particular due to the size of his penis and Richardson was keen to know what her thoughts were.

“What do you think of red?” Anna asked. Adele however remained straight-faced and instead referenced the number of tattoos on display as oppose the elephant in the room.

Naked Attraction

Richardson was having none of that and promptly exclaimed: “You’ve got the world’s biggest penis staring back at you and you’re looking at his tattoos!”

In the end Adele gave in and told us all what she really thought. “We all like a big one but blimey!”

After the initial assessment, Adele did actually decide to pick the contestant – who’s name was revealed as Jordan – to exit his box and go on a date with him.

True love at its finest.

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