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09th Dec 2021

Naked Attraction contestant went on show to outwit girls who threatened to leak his nudes

Kieran Galpin

Rob Ross

Naked Attraction is now streaming on Netflix

A former Naked Attraction contestant has revealed that he went on the show to combat “spiteful girls” who were threatening to leak his nude photos.

Southend-On-Sea resident Rob Ross, 31, claims women began threatening to leak private images of him following the end of their relationship. To combat this, Ross appeared in front of “eight million people” and bared all in the ultimate “reverse Uno card” moment.

The former contestant took to TikTok to share his story, saying that: “People always asked me why I went on the show, and there were a couple of reasons. One was to improve my self-confidence, because I knew that if I could get naked on TV, I could conquer anything.”

He continued: “The other reason is because there are some spiteful girls out there. When I started appearing on TV, they’d say stuff like ‘I’ve got photos and stuff’, if it didn’t end on good terms.

“I thought ‘Well, do your worst, because eight million people have seen my penis’. It doesn’t matter, you can send it to anyone. It does benefit me in a way.”

The content creator and professional dancer said he wasn’t sure whether the threats were made in the heat of the moment.

He continued: “They might have it on their phones, but it’s on a TV screen. It’s a reverse Uno card, that’s the best way to describe it. I made a joke and a prat out of myself so nobody can say anything.

“If you nip it in the bud and take it as a joke, people know they’ll have no ammunition to hit out at you.”

With Naked Attraction now on Netflix, Ross also said that he still gets messages about his penis five years since the original episode aired.

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