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18th May 2021

Naked Attraction star hospitalised after sex with ‘well-endowed’ date

Danny Jones

She appeared on the show in 2016

A former Naked Attraction guest has revealed that she was put in the hospital on multiple occasions following sex with her “well-endowed” ex-partner that she met on the show. Blimey.

Tracy appeared on the show back in 2016 where she met Mark, whom she went on to date for a year or so. Among other reasons, we’re sure, she was pretty forthright with the fact that one of deciding factors behind why she chose him was the size of his penis.

Explaining her rationale to host Anna Richardson in a recent highlight special, she stated: “Mark was known for his big package, I think, you know, for every woman when you have children it changes down there. It definitely helps having that extra package.”

She went on to reveal: “[h]e put me in hospital a few times with it, but I’m OK.”

Now, the male ego can often feel fragile and is easily threatened whenever the discussion around penis size comes into it, but I don’t think there are many blokes who can say they put their sexual partner in hospital after a night of hokey pokey. In fact, it was revealed that, supposedly, even other contestants on the programme felt they “couldn’t compete with” Mark’s member.

Tracy said there was plenty more to like about him too: “Mark was such a good choice for me, he was the perfect person. We were laughing every day and on the phone for hours and we lost so many days just spent in bed.” She even went to reveal that he “[he] became Mr UK which was incredible.”

Sadly, the relationship didn’t work out long-term but five years on from the show, she has found a new partner who she’s now been with for two-and-a-half years after meeting on Tinder. Here’s hoping there’ll be no further injuries this time.