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28th Jun 2023

Mum slated for charging her daughter’s friends to attend her birthday party

Kat O'Connor

Mum charges daughter's friends to attend her birthday party

‘I’m paying $543 for this party of 20’

A mum has been called out after charging her daughter’s friends to attend her birthday party.

The mum admitted she asked each child’s parents to contribute to the party because it was costing her more than £500.

She explained to a Facebook group that she was spending a fortune to host her child’s party at a trampoline park but didn’t see an issue with charging her daughter’s friends to attend.

“Am I really being greedy? My daughter’s fourth birthday party is this weekend at a trampoline park. I’m paying $543 for this party of 20.

“I asked the people who are coming if they could chip in a small portion,” she explained.

The mum asked each parent to contribute $22 to the party, but it didn’t go well.

“It is $22 (£17) a child yet everyone got mad and said if they have to pay they aren’t coming,” she said.

“Am I really supposed to pay for 20 people to come to my child’s birthday that has been planned for months?” she asked.

Parents were stunned by her request and said it was incredibly unfair to ask especially during the cost of living crisis.

Many told her to host the party somewhere more affordable, even at their family home.

“Asking people for money for your child’s birthday is so wrong,” one said.

“Plan a party that suits your budget, it’s a four-year-old’s birthday not their sweet sixteen,” another wrote.

But some did defend the mum’s decision and could understand where she was coming from.

One user said: “I may have an unpopular opinion here but I personally don’t think a request like that is unreasonable so long as there is communication.”

They added: “But I get the impression that the person here did not communicate well so guests assumed it was covered and the mum assumed everyone would pay their way.”

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