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09th Jul 2023

Man lost his dad and became a father within 24 hours

Charlie Herbert

‘I know my dad would be so proud’

A man lost his dad and became a first-time parent in the same 24 hour period.

Terry Simmonds, 44, and his wife Lisa, 45, met online in 2008, but struggled to get pregnant for 13 years.

After Lisa suffered 24 miscarriages, the couple tried £2,600 IVF treatment in the Czech Republic in April 2002 and four months later Lisa was pregnant.

Despite an easy pregnancy, 30 weeks in Lisa was sent to Birmingham Women’s Hospital for complications with her kidney and liver.

Medics performed an emergency c-section the next day.

Terry and Lisa spent years trying to have a child together before successfully trying IVF treatment (SWNS)

But as his wife was preparing for the procedure, Terry got a call from his mum, Denise Simmonds, 66, who said his dad, also called Terry, was dying.

He had been suffering with untreatable pulmonary fibrosis in his lungs, but doctors thought Terry would last two more years.

However, he took a turn for the worse after suffering perforated ulcer in his stomach, and was too weak to have an operation.

Terry rushed to see his dad at the Birmingham City Hospital, and said goodbye at 7.45pm on March 9.

Terry’s father passed away just hours before his grandson’s birth (SWNS)

Just 12 hours later the couple’s first child, Lewis, now three months old, was born at 1:45pm, weighing 3lbs 3oz. on March 10.

Terry, a foundry operator, from Wordsley, West Midlands, said: ”My first fathers day without my dad, and being a new father was ‘bittersweet.’

“I lost my dad and became a father in 24 hours.

“My parents were so supportive of us having a child. I can’t believe my dad will never meet him.

“But after trying for so long, I’m happy I could start a family. Lewis will continue the family legacy, I know my dad would be so proud.”

Lisa, former manager at Asda, said: “After trying for so long we were so grateful to get a chance to be parents.

“We just want to give our baby boy the best life possible.

“We were devastated that they didn’t meet but I hope he’s looking down on us.

“He’s growing big and strong just like his grandad.”

Terry and his son, Lewis (SWNS)

Terry said: “I was terrified about the op to have the baby removed. Then I hear that my dad was dying

“Everything was happening all at once. All I felt was worry and fear.

“I said my goodbyes but he wasn’t doing well.”

Lisa said: ”Being a parent is definitely hard. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I think Father’s day is going to be a celebration and a day of grieving. It will be the first time they’ve not been together for Father’s day.

“We’ve kept his dad alive with keeping the Simmonds name.

“Lewis Terry Simmonds is just as stubborn as his grandad.”

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