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16th Feb 2022

Everyone is asking why Prince Andrew is giving £12m to someone he’s ‘never met’

Danny Jones

Prince Andrew pays Virginia Giuffre £12m - a woman he never met

The Duke of York insists he doesn’t remember meeting Giuffre

Virginia Giuffre’s long-running lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by Prince Andrew has finally been settled, with the Duke of York said to be paying the American born Australian approximately £12m in lifelong damages.

That being said, many people are pointing out why the disgraced royal would be paying such a sizable amount to a woman he maintains he “never met” and for crimes he claims he did not commit.

While the 38-year-old Giuffre – who was formerly known as Roberts and just 17 at the time she alleged Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her on three occasions – previously said she would “not accept a purely financial” resolution, it’s fair to say that the Duke’s reputation has faced significant scrutiny, having already lost his military titles and patronages.

The 61-year-old royal insists that he does not remember meeting Giuffre and even accused her of suffering from “false memories” despite appearing to feature in a now-infamous photograph alongside his accuser.

Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre 2001

The Queen herself is said to be helping pay for the settlement and legal costs incurred by the lawsuit filed back on August 9, 2021. To make matters worse, Andrew’s protests of innocence haven’t been helped by the fact he attempted to have the case thrown out multiple times.

The first occasion was due to a settlement Giuffre received from known sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein; the second came after he complained the case should not be heard because she lives in Australia and not in the US.

Even the likes of the BBC and Piers Morgan have chimed in on the the recent ruling.

Regardless of the settlement and whether or not this story will ever die down, people online are calling for Prince Andrew to have his Dukedom rescinded – with some once again considering whether the UK should abolish the monarchy.

Many are even hoping to get the same kind of pay out too.

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