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31st May 2023

Are you stuck in a rut? Take this quiz to find out

Jack Peat

New research has found a fifth of Brits are “too lazy” to shop around for the best deals

Are you ‘changeaphobic’ – or happy to roll with the punches and go where life takes you?

This quiz will find out if you’re stuck in a rut or willing to make the change where needed.

It was created after a study of 2,000 adults found a fifth admit they are ‘too lazy’ to shop around for the best deals – which could be costing them a small fortune.

While 37 per cent will complain about the price of services like utilities, but then do nothing about it.

The top excuses for not making a change include ‘it’s boring’, ‘it’s confusing’ and ‘I don’t believe the effort is worth the reward’.

Whereas adults who do spend time shopping around believe they save a whopping £208 each, per year, as a result of their thriftiness.

And when it comes to phone contracts, over one in five (22 per cent) don’t think they’ll get a better deal.

A spokesperson for mobile network provider, SMARTY, which commissioned the study, said: “Switching isn’t always the best move – but it usually is.

“We know that finding the best deals can save people money.

“In this research, 41 per cent of Brits are telling us they feel stuck in a rut in their day to day lives – maybe it’s time to embrace change and switch things up.”

Take the quiz below:

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