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09th Aug 2021

Woman’s condition means she can never have sex with husband again

Kieran Galpin

Her medical diagnosis means no sex

Natasha Owens, from Wirral, Merseyside, has not had sex with her husband in 15-years, and due to medical reasons, she never will again. Because of medical complications, Owens had to undergo surgery to remove most of her vagina.

Growing up, Owens never started her period and constantly felt hot and sweaty. However, having been abused as a child, she was apprehensive about going to the doctor. It wasn’t until she married Damien that she decided she needed to seek medical advice.


Natasha was told she had gone through menopause when she was only thirteen, meaning she would never be able to carry children. If that were not harrowing enough, Natasha was then diagnosed with severe erosive lichen planus five years later. Erosive lichen planus is an incurable condition that causes agonising ulcers to form on the genital area.

In 2017 Natasha had a hysterectomy because her vagina was full of trapped blood. However, this was not enough to help her, and she underwent a full hysterectomy two years later- leaving her with just 2cm of vagina.

“I’ve had most of my vagina removed so it’s not medically possible to have sex now,” said Natasha.

“The bottom part of my vagina is the only bit intact, but it’s corroded and stuck together.

“Now I have to have an operation to unstick it every 12 months.

“Going to the toilet can be painful and I can bleed.

“But it’s just part of my life now.”

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Damien and Natasha’s relationship has ‘never been stronger’ despite not being able to have sex.

“He knows it’s not that I don’t want him but because I can’t. I’ve got used to living without a vagina and I won’t let it define me.”

Though Natasha can never have children of her own, she has adopted since her medical diagnosis.

“That was a bit of a blow, I didn’t know that it was that horrendous,” she said in relation to finding out she couldn’t have children.

“I had done a bit of processing, but it was the final nail in the coffin when somebody finally says it.

“It was awful.

“I’m quite a resilient person and I just got on with it but just to hear it was difficult.”

“I love Natasha for her and not what she can give me,” Damien said.

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