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14th Sep 2023

Bride discovers husband has micropenis on honeymoon as he refused sex before marriage

Steve Hopkins

She felt shortchanged

Waiting to get intimate until after the wedding backfired for one bride.

Despite not being religious, one couple decide to put off getting intimate until after their big day, with the man claiming he was “old fashioned like that.”

But the bride, 27, now thinks he reticence had nothing to do with his ideals, but rather he didn’t want to reveal his micopenis.

Writing on Reddit, the woman explained that the pair had dated for six months before he popped the question, and married after a six month engagement.

But his micropenis remained a secret until the wedding night, and ended up spoiling the honeymoon.

The woman says she feels “lied to” and believes her hubby, 32, intentionally hid his small appendage – a micropenis is considered to be 3.67 inches or less when gently stretched. The average penis size in the UK is 5.17 inches.

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In her post the woman writes that the pair “got close to fooling around a few times but it never went far.”

” I tried, but he always stopped after it went ‘too far'”, she said.

She asked in the Am I the a***** subreddit if she was in the wrong for “being upset that I waited until my wedding night to find out that he probably isn’t as ‘old fashioned’ as he says he is?”

The woman said she wasn’t going to “shame” for husband and “honestly I don’t even know how I’ll broach the topic (and I’m not seeking advice).

“I honestly just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and went to town with him, but…I dunno. I kind of feel lied to. Like a halftruth…or something was intentionally withheld from me. This was unexpected, to say the least. And if you read this far, thanks for your time.”

One person commented, “Wow……and this, why you don’t wait till marriage to have sex.” A second echoed the sentiment: “This is why we test drive cars before we sign off on the financing.”

Another commenter added: “Not at all. He knew what he was doing, you have a right to be upset. Makes ya wonder what else he’s hiding, eh? I’ve only seen one micropeen up close and personal, and it was shocking tbh but I played it off bc he wasn’t my brand new husband. that’s what ya get for being chaste, yo.”