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29th Oct 2021

Activists hold ‘small dong march’ to normalise tiny penises

Charlie Herbert

Small Dong March takes place in LA

The demonstration took place in the US and was organised by two Youtubers

A ‘small dong march’ has taken place in California, in celebration of men who are less well-endowed.

Dozens of people hit the streets in Los Angeles for the ‘Small Dong March’ as they aimed to end the stigma and so-called “shame” around having a small penis.

The march was organised by YouTube stars Chad and JT and they encouraged people to turn up and “own that truth.”

Attending activists – which included some women who wanted to celebrate the smaller penis – gathered in downtown Los Angeles at around 10am on Saturday morning (October 23).

They paraded through the streets, chanting in unison and waving amusing signs with slogans like “in solidarity with shrimp dicks”, “keep small and carry dong” and the simplistic “small dongs are dank.”

Video footage of the march shared on TikTok shows demonstrators chanting “Motion of the ocean!” as they made their way through LA’s Downtown area.

@darksystemvirusWhat is going on in Los Angeles? Nothing surprises me anymore from California. ?♬ Motion of the Ocean Small Peni Matter – Steve (DarkSystemVirus)

The New York Post reports that some demonstrators said they were attending the march as “allies” and were in fact quite well-endowed.


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