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16th Feb 2024

Pro skateboarder reveals ‘insane’ royalties he was paid to be on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Nina McLaughlin

A pro skateboarder has revealed the insane amount he was paid for his involvement in Tony Hawk‘s Pro Skater.

The legendary skateboarding video game was first released for PlayStation back in 1999, and quickly became a huge hit.

Featuring a host of pro skateboarders, those who were involved from the game’s inception bagged some big paycheques.

Appearing on skating podcast The Nine Club, one of the pros who featured in the first game, Rune Glifberg, explained what went down.

“They didn’t realise how popular it would be, so the royalties on the first one were insane,” he said.

Glifberg actually featured in the first 5 editions of the game, and said that it was a similar case for the first few.

“On the second one, even, and I think even at Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, we’d still be getting royalties from the first one.”

“There was definitely some 6-figure cheques,” he revealed.

Glifberg added that the cheques just kept on coming and coming, and would receive new ones in as little as every 2 weeks.

The podcast’s host enquired as to whether that was the most Glifberg ever earned in terms of any partnerships throughout his career.

“Yeah, it probably was,” he said. “It’s definitely up there.”