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05th Apr 2023

GTA VI trailer details leaked ahead of official reveal

Charlie Herbert

GTA VI trailer details leaked

Is a GTA VI trailer ready to go?

A GTA VI leaker has shared supposed details of the game’s first trailer in a tweet.

Despite the fact very little has been revealed about the next installment in one of the biggest entertainment franchises ever, Grand Theft Auto VI is proving to be one of the most-talked about and discussed topics in the gaming world.

It’s no wonder when the last game, GTA V, became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history when it was released in 2013, earning $1bn in its first three days and receiving acclaim from critics.

What we know for certain is that it is in the works, with Rockstar confirming this in February last year.

But following this, hackers leaked Graft Theft Auto VI content in one of the biggest confidential data breaches in gaming history.

The leak in September revealed development footage and source code, along with more than 90 videos and images of the long-awaited follow up were leaked, in an intrusion which Rockstar Games described as “extremely disappointing”.

Now, a YouTuber has claimed to have seen the game’s first trailer, and shared details online.

Dexerto reports that SanInPlay was one of the first people to share rumours of a female protagonist, Lucia, who would be one half of a Bonnie and Clyde-style duo in GTA VI.

He recently took to Twitter to cryptically hint about GTA VI’s first trailer. He wrote, “Plane passes, a lizard crosses the street, Lucia is in prison exercising, dogs are playing, a little doggy rolls on the beach.”

He didn’t provide anymore details on the trailer, but with a track record of being right on these things, it’s a good suggestion that it might be ready to go.

In recent weeks, rumours have gathered pace about Grand Theft Auto 6, with a number of leakers sharing details online about the upcoming game.

Last month, an apparent screenshot of the game was shared on a GTA 6 Reddit thread which seemed to confirm the long-held suspicions that the game would feature a female protagonist to play as.

This was followed by suggestions from other leakers that Rockstar were aiming to have the game ready for a 2024 release, although there is a good chance this gets pushed back to 2025.

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