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02nd Mar 2023

Waitrose food pairing suggestion for Strongbow Dark Fruits gets ruthlessly mocked

Jack Peat

The supermarket’s attempt to posh up the fruity cider has raised a few eyebrows

An attempt by Waitrose to glamorise Strongbow Dark Fruits with haute cuisine dining suggestions has become a viral sensation on social media.

Typically the preserve of park bench boozing the supermarket has tried to pool the wool over the eyes of its typically high-brow clientele by sharing serving suggestions.

Most shoppers are used to seeing pairing suggestions when perusing the wine aisles, but this took things to a new level.

The label, spotted by social media users, reads: “Crisp apple cider with Dark Fruit. Refreshment with a linger of fruit. Enjoy with venison casserole.”

The ten-pack of Strongbow cider cans is currently being flogged for £12.60 in the shop, a touch more than what it is sold for in rival supermarkets.


Customers have been quick to poke fun at the odd pairing.

Paul Carter said: “Have Waitrose become a parody of themselves now?”, while Charlotte Browning said: “I thought it’s normally enjoyed on a park bench straight from the bottle but I guess venison works too.”

Ian Jackson offered up an alternative suggestion for other similar brews, suggesting Carlsberg’s Special Brew could pair nicely with caviar and White Lightening with foie gras.

Others said they usually plump for a Pot Noodle with their cans.

Speaking to Indy100, wine expert Aidy Smith, presenter of Amazon Prime’s Three Drinkers, said: “I love when supermarkets try to have a bit of fun with their on-shelf tags, especially when they clearly know their target market. You really couldn’t get more Waitrose than a venison pairing.

“But actually, they’re spot on with this pairing, especially if there’s a nice creamy sauce with the cut of meat. If deer and elk aren’t quite to your liking, you may be happy to know that fish and chips, sausage and mash with onion gravy, veggie ravioli, lasagne and beef or chicken pies would work an absolute treat too.”

A spokesperson from Waitrose told indy100: “While some might think we’re bucking a trend – you’d be hard pressed to come up with a better combo. This cider’s flavour packs a punch, making it the perfect accompaniment for our fantastic range of British venison.”

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