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31st Mar 2022

This woman has broken the world record for most nuggets eaten in 60 seconds

Charlie Herbert

Give her a damehood

A woman has broken the world record for the most amount of chicken nuggets eaten in a minute.

The person who now has this proud achievement next to her name – Leah Shutkever, a competitive eater from the UK.

Rule Britannia.

Leah managed to wolf down 19 nuggets in just 60 seconds, which was 352g worth of chicken. This smashed the previous world record which was set in 2020 by Nela Zisser who ate 298g of nuggets in the same amount of time.

In the video she actually set herself the challenge of eating 20 chicken nuggets in a minute, and says she’s “really disappointed” when the time runs out and there is still one nug left in the bowl.

You can watch the oddly compelling, and frankly very impressive, video below.

After her record-breaking achievement, Guinness World Records said: “Although she ‘only’ managed to eat 19, leaving the record holder disappointed about her performance, she still surpassed Nela’s previous result by 54 grams.”

If you aren’t aware of Leah’s work, you should be.

The 28-year-old has an incredible 27 eating-related world records to her name, according to her Insta bio.

This includes the most jam doughnuts eaten in three minutes, the most amount of lasagne eaten in 30 seconds, and the fastest time to eat a cucumber. Don’t.

Leah also holds the record for the fastest time to drink a litre of gravy, at just over a minute.

Despite her other impressive records, nuggets appear to be Leah’s speciality, with the uber-eater also holding the record for most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes. She managed to shovel down 775.1 grams worth of chicken, beating the 746-gram record achieved by Thomas Welborn in 2017.

It’s a pretty lucrative pursuit for Leah as well. She’s racked up 180,000 followers on Instagram and her YouTube channel has 313,000 subscribers.

So if you’ve previously managed to consume 20 chicken nuggets in under a minute or necked a litre of gravy in less than 60 seconds, then it sounds like you could have a new career opportunity on your hands.

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