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04th Mar 2022

Sommelier fired from Salt Bae’s restaurant for ‘eating an avocado after 5.30pm’

Kieran Galpin

He referred to the restaurant chain as ‘Mcdonald’s for rich people’

A former sommelier from Salt Bae’s Knightsbridge restaurant has claimed he was fired after “eating an avocado past 5:30 pm” in the restaurant’s staff area.

Branding the restaurant “Mcdonald’s for rich people”, former sommelier Guillermo Perez dished on his former employer Salt Bae and his renowned luxury steak house chain Nusr-Et.

Staff members are not permitted to eat food from the canteen past 5:30pm but as Perez explained: “I arrived with my own food at 5.35 pm and took a plate and the chef started shouting at me telling me I can’t eat from the canteen.”


After a brief confrontation with the chef, Perez was whisked away to HR and consequently lost his job over avocado and rice.

He added: “I tried to explain that the avocado was mine and that I was just taking a plate and some cutlery and he accused me of being aggressive and called my general manager.”

Perez was told “not to return” the following day.

Perez also spoke on the overall quality of the restaurant, telling the Mail Online that: “One day I saw a big bag of frozen chips and I thought ‘really? That’s what we are serving people?’ And they had Heinz ketchup and mayonnaise, which you can get from the shop.”

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Perez added that Nusr-Et upscale prices by an “incredible amount” to match the luxury direction of the chain.

He explained: “Bottles worth £1,000 would be sold for up to £3,000, for example.

“Of course you can charge people whatever price you want, but it’s pretty immoral when the quality of the food and service does not match the price.”

He continued to say the luxury feel of Nusr-Et is just for “show” and is often used by people wanting “to show how much money they have.

“Almost everybody paid in cash,” he said.

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