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05th Oct 2022

Quiz: How resourceful are you when it comes to food waste?

Jack Peat

It comes as new research finds the average adult bins £405-worth of food every year

A new quiz designed to test food waste resourcefulness has been created after research found Brits are throwing away £21 billion worth of food a year

A poll of 2,000 adults found 67 per cent have purchased food items well aware they will end up throwing some of it away or not even come close to using it.

More than a quarter (28 per cent) admit they do so on a weekly basis, with 29 per cent blaming it on being ‘forced’ into buying packets or portions larger than what they need for a recipe.

And 37 per cent know they won’t use the entirety of a product before its expiry date.

It also emerged 30 per cent of parents believe they waste more food now than they ever did pre-children.

Olympic champion, Greg Rutherford, and mother of his three children, Susie Verrill, have partnered with sustainable chef, Martyn Odell and Jacob’s, which commissioned the research, to help encourage Brits to be more resourceful with their food.

To highlight how much food households waste every year, the savoury cracker brand has created a 4.5 metre high fridge on London’s Southbank, filled with the most commonly wasted food items, where Martyn will be creating recipes using them.

It has also partnered with food waste charity, FareShare, to donate 40,000 meals over the next year to support the charity’s network of nearly 9,500 charities and community organisations across the UK.

Greg Rutherford said: “While most people know me as a long jumper, my most important role is doing my best to be a champion dad.

“I hate food waste and it’s important to both Susie and I to set a good example to our kids.

“We all need to think more carefully about the food we buy.

“When we’re shopping, taking time to think about what we really need and doing a bit of planning about how we can use everything can go a long way.

“I’m delighted to be working with Martyn, one of the most innovative food waste chefs in the country, to help more Brits understand how they can get more creative with the food in their fridges.”

Take the quiz below:

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