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18th Nov 2023

Kebab shop worker reveals what happens to doner meat after closing time

Ah lads, would you believe it, another Saturday has finally come around and we’re now getting ever closer to Christmas every day

So what’s on the cards for tonight? Taking it easy, few more up drinks to get you in the Christmas spirit? Surely a lot of you will be spending 2am growling down on Britain’s most prized meat: doner.

Kebabs, wraps, doner and chips, doner pizza’s. Drown me in the stuff.

We’ve long known that doner meat is a one way ticket to early death city, but honestly, who cares. What we do care about though is what happens to the doner meat when the kebab shop closes for the night?

Well my friends, feast your eyes on this, as one kebab shop worker has finally done the unspeakable and revealed the truth, like a shawarma cleaving Julian Assange.

Taking to Reddit, our kebab shop double agent, wrote: “Most kebab places will get through them though, and are very fussy about putting a new one on near the end of the night.

“I’m sure anyone who’s ever got a kebab where it seems half warmed, all scraggy bits that look like they’ve been chopped up, diced, sliced all sorts will wonder what they’ve got.

“But that’s when it’s running low and they use the edges, the top and bottom. As it usually shaves off with a slight inwards curve. Like a ( shape.

“That’s why some of the better more authentic Turkish ones, use a huge sword like blade to slice it off.

“Next day when you go in you turn it on to warm, and any GOOD kebab shop will shave off about 2 layers. The amount of spices and s**t in it, it’s pretty safe to eat, most wrap it with several bags and stuff and cover it during the night.

“The most your ever gonna need to reheat it for is one more day the next day. It won’t last much longer before being sold!”

Honestly, while some found the knowledge of some “lazy” kebab shops leaving the meat out, the only effect this post had on me was that it made me really want a hot doner.