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03rd Jun 2024

EU set to ban smokey bacon crisps

Nina McLaughlin

Fans will be fuming…

The European Union is set to introduce a ban on smokey bacon flavour crisps.

Back at the end of April, the EU’s 27 member states voted to approve a ban on the smokey snacks due to health fears.

This means that smokey flavoured crisps will be phased out over the next two years for EU member states.

Thanks to Brexit, the ban won’t include the UK, so us Brits can sleep well knowing that they’re not about to take one of our favourite flavours away from us.

The move to ban the crisps comes amid a European Commission report that states artificial smoke flavourings carry cancer risks due to the methods of extracting the flavour.

However, critics claim that the ban is not needed, and claim there is no evidence of the cancer risks.

Irtish food manufacturers the Kerry Group have warned that the move could cause “major economic harm,” with up to 40 percent of ham and bacon sold in Ireland reportedly being reliant upon the method.

Ex-Tory minister Kevin Foster spoke to The Sun about the move:  “At a time when war is returning to Europe and serious economic challenges face us all, it is hard to believe anyone would think this ham-fisted move is a sensible one. This will leave many scratching their heads.”

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