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12th Aug 2019

YouTuber undergoes 90-day muscle gain transformation to look like Chris Hemsworth

YouTuber Erik Conover followed Chris Hemsworth's training plan for 90 days. He was then rewarded with a workout from Hemsworth when the two met in New York

Alex Roberts

Chris Hemsworth Transformation

A man who followed Chris Hemsworth’s training plan for 90 days was rewarded with a personal training session from the actor, when the two met in New York

YouTuber Erik Conover set himself the challenge after signing up to Centr, Hemsworth’s digital fitness and nutrition app.

The YouTuber’s efforts captured the attention of Hemsworth himself, who then put Conover through his paces in the gym when in New York City for a movie premiere.

The Chris Hemsworth workout plan

Conover says his session with Hemsworth consisted of the following:

  • One milk run on the treadmill (warm up)
  • Dynamic stretching (warm up)
  • Reverse lunge into dumbbell shoulder press
  • Sit throughs
  • Hostage squats (bodyweight squats held in the bottom portion of the exercise)
  • Dumbbell deadlift, curl and press
  • Bear crawls
  • Bent-over row
  • Tricep kickbacks / extensions

This circuit was completed four times, with a two minute rest in between rounds. Once the workout was over, the two cooled down with a light cycle on stationary bikes.

Eating to bulk up

YouTuber Conover says his initial goal was to bulk up by adding some muscle mass. For that, he couldn’t get by on a starvation diet.

“As far as the meals go, I am still eating a ton”, Conover said.

However, that doesn’t mean his nutrition has been boring. There’s no need to stick to a bland diet when looking to transform your body.

Conover says: “I’ve been eating a lot more meals that I just naturally gravitate towards. Like salmon on the grill, with a big, old salad.

“I’ve been mixing and matching recipes from the app, rather than just sticking to bland chicken breast.”

Adherence is the key to succeeding with any diet. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re less likely to stick to it. Following a diet plan that you enjoy will therefore likely lead to greater results.

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