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02nd May 2023

Lads who boozed together every weekend swap hangovers for running and cold-water plunges

Jack Peat

‘Normalize looking out for each other’s wellness’

A group of lads have swapped weekend hangovers for running and cold plunges in lakes.

Every Saturday instead of boozing the group take on runs up to 10k, hill sprints and always finish off with a cold plunge in a lake.

Member Harrison Hide, 27, says the group allows “social interaction without having to destroy your health like usual – drinking and going out.”

Harrison returned to Norwich, Norfolk, after spending four years working as a banker in New York City, New York, USA.

When living in New York, Harrison used to go out drinking nearly every night of the week while entertaining clients.

So when he returned to England to open a wellness hotel, he decided to focus his health and give up alcohol.

Harrison said: “Following my exit from Wall Street and moving back to Norfolk to open a wellness hotel.

“It was crucial that I found some structure that allowed me to stay focused but also get back into a healthy lifestyle.”

@harrisonhidee Saturday mornings are looking different now, find your group! #FYP #foryou #wellness #running #mindset ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

Harrison started doing cold plunges with his brother, where they met like-minded people.

From then on, the group started to grow.

Each week someone invited a friend and now more than 30 men take part in the weekend runs.

He said: “Me and my brother had already been getting into cold plunges because we’re going to have some at our wellness hotel.

“So we started getting in the lake near our house.

“We knew a group of people that were also doing a similar thing so we started running and cold plunging with them most mornings.

“100% conversion rate. Once someone tries the run and cold dip once, they’re hooked and are looking forward to the following week.”

The group brings together like-minded people in the area to do something productive with their weekends, gaining benefits beyond fitness.

Harrison added: “There is a sense of community! A group of people who care about their health.

“Not only does it allow you to meet like-minded people, but mental and physical fitness are also paramount to success.”

@harrisonhidee Swapping nightclubs with nature and hitting monday feeling healthy is a great feeling #FYP #foryou #walking #nature #wellness #hangovers ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

The group is of mixed ability and each week members get closer to meeting their fitness goals.

They also plan on taking part in group events like hiking and the obstacle course and mud run Tough Mudder.

“We’re looking to do some group events like Tough mudder, hiking & running relays,” he said.

“Also summer is coming up so we’ll have to make some plans to make it down the ocean for a beach run because the river will be too warm for a cold dip soon.”

Responding to the story on social media, one person commented: “Normalize the mandem looking out for each other’s wellness”, while another said it’s “good to see young men focusing on their health and having fun doing it”.

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