Everything the UK's fittest man eats to stay lean while building muscle 1 month ago

Everything the UK's fittest man eats to stay lean while building muscle

At a little over 100 kilograms, Zack George is one of the biggest CrossFit competitors

But he's also one of the best. George is currently ranked as the UK's number one CrossFit athlete - why many now call him Britain's fittest man. So what does George eat to stay lean while building strength and size?

You will probably be surprised when you look at his daily diet.

"I put on weight ridiculously easy," George admits.

"It's no good being over 105 kilos and trying to compete in CrossFit."

For a 100kg guy training twice a day and competing in such a high-intensity sport, George really doesn't eat that much.

He puts away half the calories a professional rugby player does. And he doesn't come close to consuming what you see in strongman from the likes of Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson and Britain's Strongest Man, Adam Bishop.

Eating to stay lean while building muscle and strength

The nature of CrossFit as a sport is the reason why Zack George's diet plan is so meticulously managed. One minute, you might be going for a one rep max deadlift or overhead press. But the next workout might involve a bike ride, or 40 minute HIIT intervals.

You need strength and power, but you also need endurance.

"People are always shocked when they hear how much I eat," says George.

"I'm 100 kilos, I train for three to four hours a day and I have 3500 calories a day. That's not a lot, a lot of people assume I'd eat so much more."

  • Breakfast: Porridge with raisins and milk
  • Post-workout: Myprotein shake
  • Lunch: Salmon, sweet potato, broccoli and kale
  • Dinner: Sea bass, boiled potatoes and green veg
  • Post-workout 2: Myprotein shake with creatine and dextrose
  • Evening meal: A choice of chicken / white fish with rice or sweet potato
  • Snack: Bowl of oats