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24th Jul 2018

Total Transformation: Week Two

Two weeks down. Two kilos gained.

Reuben Pinder

Progress! We are seeing progress!

So, it turns out that this working out malarkey actually works. In the two weeks since I started this programme, I have gained 2kg, taking my body weight to a total of 61.6kg. My body fat percentage has also decreased from 13.8% to 13.1%. This puts me ahead of schedule, which is exactly the sort of encouraging results I need to keep my motivation levels in the positive.

The results are most visible straight after a workout, when the ‘pump’ eccentuates any differences – as shown in the picture below, along with my much improved trim.

It’s exactly what I needed to see and hear after shovelling approximately fifteen entire chickens down me over a short space of time. Thankfully, the eating is an aspect of the programme that I am becoming accustomed to. My appetite is growing, and I have managed to get used to all the supplements that go in my pre, intra and post-workout drinks, which is a relief after my concerns last week.

This week I had my second session with my personal trainer at the Ultimate Performance gym in the City of London. Having trained alone for the first fortnight and going back for him to assess my progress, I had a slight feeling of anxiety that I wouldn’t have made enough progress. It was like going to parents’ evening at school. I was nervous despite having nothing to worry about. It turns out that was just paranoia, and I’m on the right track.

That will undoubtedly be largely down to following the diet plan as closely as possible. All that sweet potato mash, broccoli and copious amounts of eggs for breakfast have made their intended impact. This aspect of the programme is of course made much easier with planning, cooking in bulk, helpful parents and the marvellous invention of Tuppaware boxes.

During my second workout at Ultimate Performance, I realised just how easy it can be to slip into using sloppy technique. It helps immeasurably having someone stand behind you constantly reminding you to drop your right shoulder, which always wants to help out my latts during my sets on the pull down machine, the generous bastard.

Hopefully, the technique will become second nature over time, and I can focus more on progressively increasing the weight that I’m lifting, which at the moment has remained at pretty much a steady constant.

Generally, I’m feeling motivated, proud of my progress and determined to continue the good form, which is hugely pleasing after my wobble during week one, when I was contemplating why I was putting myself through this.

This process isn’t necessarily a marathon, but it’s not a sprint either. It’s very much the 500m race of training regimes, and after the first 80 metres I am in good stead to finish in a respectable position.

My initial goal as a bare minimum was to not be embarrassed by the size of my arms by the end of the process, and we’re already well on track in that regard.

Two weeks down, ten to go.